ST Engineering Telematics Wireless

T-Light Pro LCU RGB


The T-Light LCU-RGB is a “smart city” network component, which combines both streetlight control together with control and operation of an RGB (Red, Green, Blue) beacon located on the lamp post. The LCU-RGB controller sends pre-defined commands to the beacon, to show either a solid single color, alternating colors or flashing colors – each appearance indicating a different message to the population. The LCU-RGB controls its LED driver or electronic ballast to provide On/Off and dimming functionality. The LCU-RGB provides various comprehensive energy measurements, luminaire parameters and maintenances statuses; it is installed externally, utilizing a standard (twist and lock) NEMA socket.

The LCUs receive commands individually or as a group from the Data Control Unit (DCU) gateway. The commands address the beacon appearance as well as the LED lighting functionality, and can be changed as and when needed. The T-Light network is easily controlled either automatically through the web-accessed T-Light CMS system or a 3rd party management software.

This product has been installed in Denver, Colorado on our T-Light Pro network. It is meant as a means of communication by the city to the population about certain emergency situations (snow storm arriving) or other maintenance information (road-side cleaning, for instance).


  • Commanding 10 different configurations (one solid color, color combination and flashing) of a Philips Color Kinetics “ArchiPoint” beacon.
  • On/Off and dimming functionality using DALI or 0-10 volt
  • Luminaire power consumption measurement to 1% accuracy
  • Analog and digital input for interfacing with external sensors
  • Auto-commissioning with GPS or NFC chip
  • Internal or external configurations
  • Highly secure wireless communication utilizing AES-128 or AES-256
  • External configuration enclosures – NEMA: ANSI C136.41, 7pin
  • Dual backup protection – autonomous operation based on a pre-programmed scenario; built in light sensor (in external configuration), no dayburn
  • Supports over the air firmware upgrade
  • Data and settings preserved in case of power failure
  • LCU stores history of measured parameters for at least a week to allow for data extraction
  • MTBF > 1,000,000 hours
  • Controlled Auxiliary Output (optional)