One Size Does NOT Fit All

Telematics’ uniqueness, is in our offering of different types of T-Light solutions, depending on the particular layout of the streetlights in the urban or rural area. Unlike other vendors who offer a single technology – the same offering for different layouts, we provide THREE different networks for different control needs.

The T-Light Family Includes:

  • T-Light Galaxy Network – a wide area network utilizing a single Base Station that covers an area of up to 20 km radius and monitoring directly up to 50,000 luminaries.
  • T-Light Pro Network – a robust multi hop RF Mesh network with self-configuring, self-healing capabilities. Provides local or wide area coverage.
  • T-Light LORA Network – streetlight controls utilizing LoRaWAN™ technology and forming an ideal IoT ready network for other LORA based sensors.

The T-Light family offers Smart Lighting Control and Monitoring Systems differentiated by their coverage, features, configurations, and prices. They also offer seamless scalability as the customer’s needs change and expand, and may be applied where the light poles already have, or can have, a wired connection.