T-Light LoRa LCU / Node

LoRa LCUs / Nodes


The T-Light LoRa LCU/Node controls street lights using the LORAWAN standard. It comes in NEMA ANSI C136.41 7-pin “twist lock” standard and may be easily installed on any luminaire which has a matching socket. Its feature-set is identical to Telematics’ T-Light Pro nodes.


  • DALI and/or 0-10V control interfaces. The LCU provides the installer with on the spot feedback that the control was installed correctly.
  • Revenue grade on-board energy metering configurable up to 1% accuracy.
  • On-Board GPS or NFC for easy self-commissioning and locating.
  • Built in Photocell. In case of network failure or extreme cloud cover, the control may default to photocell.
  • Astro-clock functionality. The LCU will determine accurate sunrise and sunset times each day based on location.
  • Over the air firmware upgrades for nodes and connected devices.
  • Programmable Schedule – minimum of 1 week schedule stored in node.
  • Occupancy sensors (made by a third party) can be connected to a NEMA or Internal node, configured to detect pedestrians or vehicles. An activation command can trigger the lighting of a block of lights.